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Wysp is an award-winning multi-disciplinary branding agency based in Toronto, ON. With a combined 30 years of experience, we focus on making you look good while you're focused on developing your business. We offer bespoke visual identity development, hands on weekend intensive brand-it-yourself courses, and a la carte creative services. We’re designers, strategists, artists, writers, photographers, and college professors.

We're a well rounded team you can trust to deliver a meaningful brand that truly represents you and your offering.

Making sure your design has 4 fingers and a thumb since '12.

We do it with your help.

Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur with momentum who needs a professional, bespoke brand to amplify your growth. Maybe you have a long-standing business in need of a smart refresh, but are concerned about maintaining the trust and reputation you’ve fought so hard to earn. Or you’ve got a great idea and a solid business plan, and you want to fire off the block with polish and professionalism to attract investors and the eyes of future loyal consumers. We got you covered.

After a quick yet thorough briefing process made easy by completing our form, we’ll reach out with our pricing options and next steps. Our visual systems start at a 5-day turn-around and come with a money-back guarantee. We’re creative nerds obsessed with the process, so you can trust we’ll invest the same passion and diligence in delivering you a visual identity that we would our own.

the informed diy choice.

You do it with our help.

So you're strapped for cash but need a pro visual identity - we get it, starting up ain’t easy. Or you proceeded to fill out our brief and found you couldn’t answer some of the questions, prompting you to wonder if you really have all your bases covered for launch. Well, you’re in luck.

The Total Brand Sprint is our program where you build your own brand, from planning to visual id to strategy and marketing, in just one weekend. This intensive is taught by us, and has been used by incubators to prepare participants to enter the market with a ready-made brand, asset library, and plan to get off to an explosive start. This intensive is done live, so you’re interacting with the real us - that means no pre-recorded tutorials. You’ve got questions? Ask them in real time. We’ve even got options depending on what stage of the game you’re at.

Our resident brand strategy expert and TBS brainchild Monica Low leads the course, with access to our Biz Dev guru Lucas DeClavasio and and Creative Director/College Design Prof Andrew Patterson.

debating the issues - Prompt us, we prompt back.

We talk about it.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the work and how well it does what it needs to do. But sometimes it helps to get a feel for who you’ll be working with. Our show, Design Is Dead, is where we discuss all the design news of the day, as well as recommending useful resources and having a bit of fun with other experts in the industry.

Will AI destroy the creative industry as we know it? Do all the myriad applications and platforms that promise an easier path to design and entrepreneurship success actually solve your problems or create new ones? Which are the best ones for you and offer the most bang for their buck? We tackle all of the above with each other and special guests. Dialogue is important. So is maintaining perspective and fulfillment in what you do.

Pop over and join the conversation, learn which tools and resources are worth your time and money, or just have fun watching two creatives compete in a timed design-off.

Our team.

Lucas Declavasio

Project Management

Lucas keeps us on time, on budget, and well organized.

Andrew Patterson

Creative Direction

Andrew is the artist, the creative one, he'll come up with something you've never seen or even considered.

Monica Low

Brand Strategy

Monica has the vision, the experience, and the expertise to know exactly what you need in a brand identity.

Our arsenal.

We are, at heart, a creative agency. In today's world, that often calls for a skeleton key-like approach; "Do you do websites?" "Nope". "Love what you did with our visual identity, can you produce some collateral for us?" "Certainly!". We've executed murals and live paintings, designed parade floats and pop-up footprints, produced artist prints and made sure conference branding was on point. Here are some of the skills we have the utmost confidence in providing.

If you've got creative needs that don't fit neatly into the bucket of brand development, drop us a line.  Even if we can't help with your specific ask, we can tap into our network and try to find someone we trust who can!

Visual Systems
Graphic Design
Design Education
Collateral Design
Activation Design
Branded Murals
Brand Strategy
Brand Consulting
Print Production
Creative Direction

Selected features

Videos and resources from our channel.
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    (Nov 23, 2022)

Courses & Engagements

Participate in a Total Brand Sprint, or take in a crash course.

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