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Branding, Visual Identity, Collateral Design, Education & ESL
Project Overview
Here’s a colourful identity we did for Vancouver-based ESL tutoring service - Chatterbox. We wanted to capture the concept of translation and the act of deciphering, but also keep it fun and energetic! At first glance it looks jumbled, but upon closer inspection the company's name is revealed, starting clockwise from the left. Can you see it??

There are of course alternates that clear up any legibility concerns from this playful approach to an icon. The font selection is soft and un-intimidating and uses clear, easily identifiable letterforms. It was important to be playful to separate from the often cold and uninspired branding in the space, and inject some youth into the space.

Recently selected as one of the Best Logo Designs by Design Rush.
Chatterbox logoChatterbox Biz CardsChatterbox brand guide pagesChatterbox biz cards on table
Chatterbox repeating patternChatterbox logo clearanceChatterbox iconChatterbox embossed business card
Chatterbox business cards

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