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Branding, Visual Identity, Collateral Design, Development
Project Overview
Collage is a Toronto-based development firm. The brand is inspired by the urban planning theory book 'Collage City' by Koetter and Rowe, which proposes an adaptive "'collage city' which can accommodate a whole range of utopias in miniature". Collage desired a fundamentally sound, versatile and cleanly designed mark and brand - Wysp interpreted this brief by refining a subtle wordmark and pairing it with a gentle, open-ended image-set and minimalist palette. The result is a crisp visual ID that speaks to the potential of the blank page and collaborating to achieve the optimal result.
Kammor Development brand collateral
Kammor Developments Logo cardKammor Developments brand collateral and business cardCollage brand logo on sheetCollage brand letterhead
Kammor Developments brand guide - colourKammor Developments brand guide - fontKammor Developments horizontal logoKammor Developments logo card

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