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Branding, Visual Identity, Collateral Design, Beauty
Project Overview
Iremia Skincare is a Canadian natural beauty company offering products that calm and restore the skin. Wysp worked with Iremia to design a brand that combined healing botanicals with a sense of lush luxury. Wysp developed the initial identity along with a suite of complementary collateral. The completed scope included various packaging, promotional print pieces, photography and informative brochures.
“Wysp have been instrumental in setting the foundation of my business. Not only are they creative and talented, they are strategic thinkers taking into account my business as a whole. They are a wealth of knowledge and it has been, and will continue to be, such an incredible pleasure to work with Wysp.”
— -Elaine Li, Founder, Iremia Skincare
Iremia products - brand labels
Iremia productsWoman floating in relaxing waters with flower blossomsAvocados and leavesIremia Skincare soothing lotion
Iremia Skincare productsLarge lush leavesIremia Skincare brand guide - colours and logo
Iremia Skincare logo cardIremia Skincare logo cardIremia Skincare product soothing lotionIremia Skincare product restorative facial oil

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