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Maru Blue

Branding, Visual Identity, Collateral Design, Data & Analytics
Project Overview
Maru/Blue is a premium quality, data services firm that provides reliable global data connections for brands, agencies, and market research.

The Maru/Blue logo has been purposefully designed to be simple, its typographic approach and slash represents the forward thinking approach Maru/Blue maintains. BLUE - a colour of multiple personalities. It can feel warm and tropical or freezing and glacial. It can be light as air, or deep to the point of impenetrable. In and out of this world, from sea to sky.

It’s trustworthy, common, calm. But also energetic with hues that can range from cozy to unexpected. Playful to responsible. The colour darling of the tech industry, Blue is strong and dependable, with some unexpected qualities that keep it far
from predictable.
Maru Blue logo clearance diagramMaru Blue logo variationsMaru Blue brand colour sheetMaru blue brand collateral imageMaru Blue brand graphic device diagram
Maru Blue collateral - custom notebookMaru Blue duotone imageMaru Blue duotone imageMaru Blue duotone image
Maru Blue brand chart guidelinesMaru Blue brand collateral image
Maru Blue logo - knockout

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