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Northern Fairway

Branding, Visual Identity, Collateral Design, Greenskeeping Supply
Project Overview
Northern Fairway is a Canadian fertilizer company. Their area of focus is sport and recreational play surfaces, with a focus on providing high quality materials for golf course greenkeeping. The brief was to create a mark that communicated the high-end quality of the product, the company's Canadian roots, and - if possible - a nod to the focus area of golf. To that end, we developed a number of marks that played with various combinations of icons and symbols that spoke to these qualities and worked with NF to distill them into this logomark. A golf tee sits crowned in an abstraction of the maple leaf, the central icon of the Canadian Flag. The colours are a balanced palette of rich dark hues and light accents inspired by vintage golf and sport culture. Gold metallic accents are to be used sparingly on collateral to distinguish from the typically banal info sheets seen in the space.
Kammor Development brand collateral
Kammor Developments Logo cardKammor Developments brand collateral and business cardGolfer teeing off
Kammor Developments brand guide - fontTypography slide for Northern Fairway brand design.Kammor Developments brand guide - colour

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