Teapot Social

Branding, Visual Identity, Content Management
Project Overview
These days managing your social media platforms is a full-time job - enter Teapot Social. Teapot creates, curates, and manages social media accounts so entrepreneurs can focus on ACTUALLY running their business. Trend aware and results-focused, Teapot is digitally immersed in today’s social landscape. They create content that connects with customers, increasing engagement and loyalty, and it’s reflected in both customer acquisition and retention. It’s tea time.
"Wysp understood the tone I wanted to hit right out of the gates - they were fantastic collaborators that took the time to grasp the vibe of my business. The way they included a strategic cheat-sheet for using the brand afterwards was also great and super helpful. They not only create a brand for you but give you a guide for next steps."
- Niamh Carolan, Founder of Teapot Social

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