Total Brand Sprint

Branding, Visual Identity, Graphic Design, Education
Project Overview
The Total Brand Sprint is an expert-led two-day intensive where participants walk away with a ready to deploy brand and visual system.

Over the years, we’ve turned away several potential clients because they didn’t have the budget or they weren’t ready for our services simply because they couldn’t answer some key questions about their business, which we need in order to make informed design decisions so that we can actually develop a meaningful brand. The Total Brand Sprint was developed with these entrepreneurs in mind. They may be first-timers or have a low budget or both. And really, the way the Sprint is developed, it has tremendous value for even experienced business owners.
My Contributions
"I’m so grateful to all of the experts at Wysp for their creativity and knowledge. Their branding workshop was an incredible help to our incubator members. The facilitators really went above and beyond to answer questions from our start-up founders and offer meaningful advice on best practices for how to establish an effective action place with branding. I’d definitely recommend attending a session with them!"
- Kayla S. (ICUBE at UTM)
The Total Brand Sprint is a complete solution for businesses looking to build an impactful brand identity. This two-day intensive program, led by design professionals, transforms your vision into a dynamic brand, encompassing every aspect of brand creation. From brand foundations and strategy to colour palettes and logo design, all the way through to asset library creation and execution training, it covers the full branding lifecycle. This offering is designed to simplify and streamline the branding process, making it accessible and easy to grasp for entrepreneurs and businesses at any level.

The Total Brand Sprint goes beyond aesthetics, diving deep into strategic branding that resonates with your target audience. By the end of this intensive program, participants will not only have a complete and professional brand identity but will also be equipped with the knowledge and tools to maintain and manage their brand effectively. This holistic approach to branding empowers businesses, giving them the confidence and capacity to connect with their audience, differentiate themselves in the market, and drive business growth.
The program
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