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Tours of the 6

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Project Overview
Tours of the 6 is a hospitality venture in Toronto, ON, Canada. Started by a group of passionate Torontonians in the wake of Toronto’s rising prominence as a cosmopolitan city of the first order, Tours of the 6 wanted to create a new type of walking tour. With notable Toronto musicians, athletes, and actors putting the city on the map worldwide, it’s only fitting that a tour exists for those interested in the Toronto that raised them.

While still family-friendly, Tours hopes to provide visitors to the city an alternative to the status quo walking tour - one that appeals to youth culture and showcases the edgier, younger side of this great city. From a brand perspective, leveraging a more sophisticated colourway that pulls from colours synonomous with the city, using atypical photography for the industry, and conceiving an impactful logotype were all crucial to setting Tours apart from the competition and speaking to that ‘underground’ vibe.
Kammor Development brand collateral
Kammor Developments Logo cardKammor Developments brand collateral and business cardTours of the 6 logo borough outline graphicTours of the 6 biz cards designed by Wysp Creative
Kammor Developments brand guide - colourKammor Developments brand guide - fontKammor Developments horizontal logoKammor Developments logo card

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